"In that Big picture he saw the Algorithm of Chaos.."

About Operation Cerulean Dew

Operation Cerulean Dew (final project name TBA) is an action survival/horror with Sci-Fi elements.
Developed with Unreal Engine 4, and to be released on PC and Mac at first.

Currently we’re working on the game design, so follow us for more updates and other news to come!

Operation Cerulean Dew: Mood Teaser

This is a mood video and proof-of-concept.

The team

We are a indie games development team, made of creative waywards.

We are artists who operate independently in several fields, and we have joined together to work on our first game, Operation Cerulean Dew!

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Why we chose Patreon?
We're still getting off the ground, but we are starting seriously with the game design development, concept design, planning and further, and we are planning to release the game for PC, Mac, and various game consoles. Each of us has a job in order to survive, and we can work on our games and other projects only in our limited spare time. With patrons support we can focus only to the development of the game, and create a real basis to make games and other creations hereafter. As Patron you will have the opportunity to follow the development of the whole game, and see how the game will come together. Take part in our adventure!

You can help even just spreading the word!

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